#BlackAltBae: INVincible K

I had the pleasure of first meeting Kendall a.k.a. INVincible K on Instagram when I invited allcomers for interviews. He was my very first responder, and I loved getting to know him a little better during this interview we completed June 24,2023.

My fellow Houstonian!!! What a pleasure to meet you! Have you always been based in Houston? When did you start making music professionally? 

What's uppp! Yeah, I was born and raised in Houston. Started making music professionally around 5 years ago. 

Do you play any instruments?

Yes, I play the guitar, the bass, and the piano; not the best at reading music though. I know all the basic stuff like notes and chords, took guitar in high school and piano as a kid, but eventually stopped. The reading part was always complex but the feeling...if I could catch the feeling...it then became easy to copy and to play with my other classmates .

Do you mix your beats yourself?

Yeeee, I mix my beats myself; been self produced since the beginning. To be honest, [it] kind of came out of necessity, you know.

How exactly do you characterize your sound? Because when I went to your Soundcloud, the first song was giving little bit of grit, little bit of noise, some industrial, but the second track completely flipped the script, lol.

With a sound like yours, what inspires you? Any artists in particular?

Yes, I’d say my sound is heavily inspired by Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Nirvana, and  Yung Lean .Those four really have been a part of my story, and have kind of [given] me my ear. I’d say with this newer music that I’m working on though, its been heavily inspired by Nine Inch nails. Been trying my best to get a hard synth vibe with some loud guitars. I’d like to say I like to make heavy music with pop hooks. Nothing beats pop hooks, frfr.

What inspires your lyrics?

Just different things in life, mostly experiences and the things I see everyday.

Do you ever perform live?

So far I’ve performed live once, I’m really looking to doing more shows though , really been trying to get onto the @useyourwords lineup, I really fuck with that scene.

Do you have any shows coming up?

No, but there will be shows coming before the year ends, fasho, fasho.

Do you ever do collabs?

Yeah, so far I’ve collaborated with Lil Waterbed, Shad Deso (FKA Xfourever), and Blem (from LA). I’ve done more collaborations with producing though. Got a lot of those in the works.

Not Lil Waterbed, lol. Who would you like to collab with?

The person I'd love to collab with Mike Dean; I just love his guitar playing, his engineering and the way he plays synthesizers. I think Mike Dean and I could really make some magic together. Another artist I’d love to collab with is Skaiwater; I love his versatility, and I just love how he does rock and jersey songs. It’s a strange mix that just fits  with my vibe perfectly.

Who are some Black alternative artists you recommend?

In Houston, some black alternative artists I’d recommend are Savoir Frostie and Shad Deso,  [they are] literally the future. It seems everybody in my age group is super diverse in their sound, it’s so beautiful to watch and learn from [them].

What does the future hold for the INVincible K?

The future for me is going to college in the fall, doing more shows, [getting] some more producing credits and to release a new project. These new sounds really really push the envelope. Very proud of the new work I’m working on.

Kendall, again, thank you so much for doing this!

Thank you for the interview , I really fuck with this , seeing  more alternative black people coming together.  I sense real community with this and I can’t wait to see where this goes .


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