At the Bar with Skye

Skye Edwards is the lead vocalist of recently reunited Morcheeba, a British band which fuses electronica, trip-hop, and alternative rock. I completed this mini-interview with her on July 28th, 2010.  It's brief, as she answered the questions while still on tour.


How are you enjoying being back with Morcheeba, and what made you decide to reunite?

It was a tough decision to return to the band but after meeting with Paul and Ross and then hearing some of the ideas they were working on I decided to give it a go. It's been great to play Morcheeba shows.

What was it like spending all those years apart from your band mates?

It is cool being a solo artist. I learnt a lot about song writing and enjoyed collaborating with other songwriters and music producers. I will continue with my solo career.

What's it like being part of a band again? How does it work (for you)?

It's okay, it's working out fine.

As you mentioned to me earlier, you're currently on tour. How's that going? You must be exhausted!

Yeah, we're just home from our European tour. We did quite a few festivals and some of our own shows. We are home for two days then we head off to San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Your vocal stylings and overall musical style is quite distinctive. How did you initially create your sound?

I think my sound came from shyness. I was so shy when I met Paul and Ross I sang very quietly into the mic. I'm not so shy now and my voice is stronger.

The music industry infamously difficult to navigate and succeed in. What difficulties have you faced, and what influences your career decisions?

When I released my 2nd solo album 'Keeping Secrets' I did it with out the help of a record company. I'd been let down by labels in the past. It was great to have complete control. The down side of the music industry is the illegal down loads. If people don't buy the music, it's difficult to survive and tour and pay musicians, etc.

What's your process for writing lyrics? How about composition?

Sometimes I like to start with a melody then work lyrics around that. Other times I have a specific topic that I want to write about. I used guitar or piano, and sometimes use my lap top. I write all my lyric ideas in a small book.

What are your plans for after the tour?

After the tour, I'd like to continue promoting keeping secrets. I've also been working on new song ideas for my 3rd solo album.

What can fans expect from you in the near future?

In the near future, more Morcheeba shows! Whilst out in Los Angeles next, week we are shooting the next vid for the 2nd single, 'Blood Like Lemonade'.  Fans should also look out for the John Martyn Tribute Album. I'm on it along with other artist like Beck, Beth Gibbons, Devendra BarnHart, David Gray, all doing amazing covers of John Martyn songs.

Wow, I can't wait!  Miss Edwards, thank you very much for "stopping by".

Thank you!


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